How Unific Works

Dynamic Coupon Code Generation for HubSpot

Our Dynamic Coupons App makes it easier to offer (via email) the prospect/customer a unique one time use coupon code when they take some action on your web site. This coupon can only be redeemed once and cannot be shared.

Dynamic Coupons is a Unific app that's available in the HubSpot Marketplace for Magento 2, Woocommerce, BigCommerce and Shopify independently from any of our other apps, however, using it alongside our Sync makes it even more powerful. 

All you have to do is find it the Marketplace or visit the link corresponding to your cart.


Create a Free Unific Dynamic Coupons Subscription:

Dynamic Coupons for Magento 2 

Dynamic Coupons for Shopify

Dynamic Coupons for WooCommerce

Dynamic Coupons for BigCommerce


Step by step install and creation of your first coupon rule: 

Create your first Magento 2 Coupon

Create your first Shopify Coupon

Create your first WooCommerce Coupon

Create your first BigCommerce Coupon


Use cases

Coupons can be a great tool for seasonal offers as well as on going campaigns like newsletter signups or abandoned cart recovery. 

Here are some interesting use cases with clear instructions that will make coupon creation easy. 

Create your first coupon for abandoned carts

Create a single use coupon for newsletter signups 

Create a unique coupon for customers at churn risk


Interesting Features 

No Bulk creation: The goal of this app is not to create bulk coupons, but single use segmented growth tools that are specifically triggered after a customer event.

One rule, unlimited free send outs: Our Free Plan is designed so you don't get cut off in the middle of a campaign. We offer one free rule with an unlimited number of coupons crated. 

Usage based pricing: If you want more rules, you don't pay for what you don't use. Our Growth plan is metered and usage based so you only pay for as many coupons as you generate. Did sales dry up this month? No worries, you will pay less. If you have a massive campaign going, we won't cut you off, you just keep creating coupons. 

Create them automatically as an action in a workflow: Once you set a rule and create a workflow trigger, you can add coupon creation as an action in any HubSpot workflow you can think of. 

Track coupon usage: A key feature in out app is that it creates the coupon in your cart and syncs it back to HubSpot, allowing you to track usage and number of coupons created. 


Next up: Historical Data Sync