Historical Data Sync

Upon connection to Unific only live data is synced, for past data a historical data sync will need to be requested

Historical data sync is available on all plans.

This will import all Orders, Contacts, and Products from your store into Hubspot. Most historical imports will take less than a day.

This is how you can request a historical:

  1. Sign up for Unific if you don't have an account already at https://app.unific.com/signup
  2. Connect your Cart:
    1. Magento
    2. Shopify
    3. WooCommerce
    4. BigCommerce
  3. Connect your Marketing Platform:
    1. Hubspot
  4. Disable any workflow that may be impacted contacts or deals creating and updating within your portal: Instructions
  5. Fill out this form: https://share.hsforms.com/1HGvjqcLyS3e5bKQU50B4_gacpz (make sure to use the email address you signed up for Unific with)

Next up: Hubspot UTK Tracking with Unific