Migrate from Revenue Conduit to Unific

The process of migrating from a RC account to a Unific account

What to expect:

  1. We will schedule an initial meeting with you to help you understand all the steps involved in migrating you to Unific.
    • During this, we will also discuss when the best time would be for you to make these changes. For example, we don't want to cause any major disruptions to your workflows or data sync, so we will figure out a good time for this and make the transition to Unific as seamless as possible.
  2. When you're ready to do so, turn off all workflows and lists you may have enabled in HubSpot.
    • When migrating to Unific, many HubSpot properties will be modified
    • Turning the workflows and lists off would ensure that there are no errors with workflows and no unintended emails are sent out
  3. Once this is completed, let Unific Support know so we can update your HubSpot property types to Unific properties and mark the Revenue Conduit properties as deprecated.
  4. If you're a BigCommerce customer, follow this installation guide step by step and get everything connected. If not, you can follow the appropriate installation guide here: https://help.unific.com/unific-integrations.
  5. Since Unific syncs different properties than Revenue Conduit, you will need to change your workflows to use the newer properties to ensure they still function as expected.
    • Identify all workflows using Unific properties and remove and re-add the filters so that they catch using the correct method (for example, an enum property may usually use "any of" but a text property uses "any")
    • Find deprecated (Revenue Conduit) properties in workflows and lists and update them with their Unific equivalent
    • Delete these deprecated (Revenue Conduit) properties
  6. Unific Support will prep you for a historical data sync. We will discuss a good time and day to run that and we will monitor that to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  7. We will check your data sync; if it looks good, we will work with you on removing old deals from HubSpot.

  8. We will disconnect Revenue Conduit and remove Revenue Conduit webhooks from your store.

  9. Unific's team will do some preliminary testing to ensure everything else looks good.


What will be changed? 


  • The property "current_abandoned_cart" will now have options "Yes", which corresponds to the value "true" and "No", which corresponds to the value of "false".
  • These properties will be deleted, and new ones will be created with type "multiline text":
Property Label Old Property Name (RC) New Property Name (Unific)
Categories Bought categories_bought categories_bought_text
Products Bought products_bought products_bought_text
Product Types Bought product_types_bought product_types_bought_text
SKUs Bought skus_bought skus_bought_text
Vendors Bought vendors_bought vendors_bought_text
Coupon Codes Used coupon_codes_used coupon_codes_used_text
Shopify Product Tags shopify_product_tags shopify_product_tags_text
Shopify Customer Tags shopify_customer_tags shopify_customer_tags_text
Last Categories Bought last_categories_bought last_categories_bought_text
Last Products Bought last_products_bought last_products_bought_text
Last Product Bought last_product_bought last_product_bought_text
Last Product Types Bought last_product_types_bought last_product_types_bought_text
Last SKUs Bought last_skus_bought last_skus_bought_text
Last Vendors Bought last_vendors_bought last_vendors_bought_text
Abandoned Cart Products abandoned_cart_products abandoned_cart_products_text
Abandoned Cart Categories abandoned_cart_categories abandoned_cart_categories_text

  • These properties will be named the same, but the field types will be modified:
Property Label New Type New Type
Abandoned Cart Date date datetime
Last Order Shipment Date date datetime
First Order Date date datetime
Last Order Date date datetime
Account Creation Date date datetime
Coupon Code Campaign X Expiration Date date datetime
Last Order Status enum select string (textarea)
Last Order Fulfillment Status enum select string (textarea)
Last Order Shopify Order Source enum select string (textarea)
Customer Group enum select string (textarea)


  • These properties will be named the same, but the field types will be modified:
Property Label Old Type New Type
Shipment Date date datetime