HubSpot Properties: Property Groups and Properties Overview for Product Record

The list of product properties that Unific syncs into HubSpot

Product Information
Name - Name of the product from the shopping cart
SKU - SKU of the the product (Unific does not use this default SKU property. Unific needs to make it's own products and thus could conflict with other sources of data. Instead Unific uses the "Product SKUP property managed by Unific)
Description: Product Description

Unit Price: Price of one unit

Product Categories - Unific: Which categories this product belongs to
Price Excluding Tax - Unific: Price of the product excluding tax
Vendor - Unific: Which vendor this product is from
Product ID - Unific: ID of the product in the shopping cart
Product Type - Unific: Type of the product
Product Vendor - Unific: Product Vendor
Tags - Unific: Product tags
Product SKU - Unific: SKU of the product
Price Including Tax - Unific: Price including tax

Variant Name - Unific: Name of variant
Variant ID - Unific: ID of the variant
Fulfillment Status - Unific: fulfillment status (set when this product is being used as a line item)
Variant Image - Unific: Image of the variant
Variant Title  - Unific: title of the variant
Variant SKU - Unific: SKU of the variant
Product Variant Otion 1 - Unific: Variant option 1
Product Variant Opion 2  - Unific: Variant option 2
Product Variant Opion 3 - Unific: Variant option 3