How Unific Works

Abandoned Carts

Describes how abandoned carts work in Unific and HubSpot

Do you need a Contact Based or Deal based abandoned cart workflow?

Contact based workflow advantages

  • Prevents double enrollment for a contact with more than one deal that is abandoned
  • Allows you to set up and track goals, measuring conversions and success inside each workflow
  • Used and relies on tools that are not beta products

Contact based workflow disadvantages

  • Is triggered after deal creation, when a contact property is updated in the backend
  • Revenue cannot be specifically attributed to each deal
  • Only allows up to 3 abandoned products to show in each email sent

Deal based workflow advantages

  • Allows concurrent enrollment of more than one abandoned cart deal
  • Is triggered by deal creation, and deal stage ABANDONED being reached.
  • Revenue is attributed to each deal through attribution reporting outside the workflow (reports must be created manually)

Deal based workflow disadvantages

  • Does not allow for goals to be set up and measured inside the workflow, only un-enrollment triggers
  • Display of line items when there are variants and currencies can be limited
  • Depends on a beta feature


Abandoned cart flow

For Deal based abandoned carts in HubSpot, the deals move from Checkout Pending --> Checkout Abandoned --> Checkout Completed

  • Checkout Pending - a deal is created in this stage first. It's when the user begins a checkout on the store and puts in their email address
  • Checkout Abandoned - a deal in checkout pending is moved to checkout abandoned 15 minutes after the deal is created in checkout pending
  • Checkout Completed - a deal in checkout abandoned OR pending is moved to completed if the user completes their checkout in the store.

When are abandoned carts triggered and put into checkout pending?

The specific trigger is different per shopping cart, but in general, the trigger is when the customer is in the checkout process and puts in their email address.

Shopify - when the customer enters their address details in the checkout and clicks next to go to the payment details page

Magento - during checkout after the customer enters their email address in Magento and goes to the payment page

WooCommerce - during checkout after the user enters their email address into the email address field and clicks off that field

BigCommerce - during checkout when the customer enters their email address and goes to the payment details page

How to find the abandoned cart conversion rate?

In HubSpot, every contact-based workflow has a 'conversion rate' when a goal is reached.

The goal for an abandoned cart is that it is converted to a real order, thus if the goal is set up correctly, the abandoned cart conversion rate is calculated for the workflow automatically. The contact-based abandoned cart workflow below will walk you through how to set up a goal.

Abandoned Cart feature vs Browse Abandonment feature

  • An abandoned cart email is triggered for customers who started a checkout and entered their email addresses.
  • Browse abandonment is when the visitor just looked at one or more product pages and left the website. This is not a feature currently.

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