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Why do I have lots of "duplicate" deals in checkout pending or checkout abandoned deal stages?

Why checkouts look like duplicate deals in HubSpot

When you see deals in the HubSpot E-commerce Pipeline in the "Checkout Abandoned" and "Checkout Pending" deal stages and they look like duplicates, it is not a bug.

When a user starts a checkout in your store, a unique 'checkout id' is generated and the large number in the deal name is the 'checkout id' displayed on the deal. (This applies to normal orders and also Draft orders for Shopify).

This can happen every time a user creates a new checkout. They may have started a checkout on device 1 such as a mobile phone but didn't complete it. Then they may have come back on device 2 which might be a laptop. 

Unfortunately, Unific cannot prevent extra deals from being created since they are not actually extra deals, but the behavior of the customer across different devices. Each checkout session is a separate session, and thus creates a different deal.

If one of those checkouts is completed and turns into a real order, Unific will move that deal to the 'Checkout completed' stage.

Should I delete these extra checkouts?

If you believe that after 'x' days the abandoned carts are no longer recoverable, you may delete them.

If the customer has placed an order in the last '3' days, then you can create a workflow to delete the checkouts for that customer since most likely the abandoned carts won't convert since the customer already purchased.