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How does the Legacy Bulk Discount App affect my current Coupon Promotions...

Legacy Bulk Discount App

If you have coupons that have not been used that are running in a campaign or workflow, please continue to use them as they are still available.

Once you have used up all the existing Bulk Discount Codes, you will need to create a New Coupon Promotion following the new instructions listed in one of the 3 articles here depending on what marketing platform you are on;

*****before you can create the new promotion, you will have to reconnect your Shopify store in the Revenue Conduit admin portal if you have not done this yet.

Infusionsoft: https://help.unific.com/infusionsoft/revenue-conduit-features-settings/rc-feature-dynamic-coupon-code-generation-for-infusionsoft

HubSpot: https://help.unific.com/hubspot/revenue-conduit-features-settings/revenue-conduit-feature-dynamic-coupon-code-generation-for-hubspot

ActiveCampaign: https://help.unific.com/knowledge/activecampaign/standard-marketing-system/rc-feature-dynamic-coupon-code-generation-for-activecampaign

Our new feature with Shopify has been integrated using Shopify's New Price Rules API, for more information, please refer to their documentation https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/how-to-make-the-most-of-the-new-price-rules-api

What does this mean for me as a Shopify User?

No longer will you have to plan a task for Bulk Discounts creation, as well as you will now have the ability to do expirations and adding a 1st name into your coupon. 

Commonly asked questions: 

1. Will the codes that I currently have generated through Bulk Discount and currently available in Revenue Conduit still work and be synced through your API to HubSpot until it uses the last code? 

Answer = Yes

2.  How soon do new codes need to be generated under the new system in order for there not to be any hiccups?

Answer = Just as soon as you're out of codes, you can create your new promotion and then replace the http post in your workflow and that is that.

3. Will the new system be able to dynamically generate codes as needed and their expiration dates based on a timeframe from when the code was generated?

Answer = Yes

4. How many codes will be generated after clicking save, or will they only be generated when the HubSpot webhook is initiated?

Answer= We will continue to generate coupons until the expiration date has passed or until you remove the promotion from the Revenue Conduit admin portal.

5. Will these codes be generated inside Shopify and shown in the same place as my other Shopify coupon codes?

Answer= Yes under the Discounts tab in Shopify under the apps tab

6. If codes are generated as a bulk quantity ahead of time, how often is this done?
Answer = The coupon codes are not generated in bulk but rather upon request.

7. If codes are generated when the webhook/http post is initiated, how long after the webhook/http post is initiated is the code actually generated in Shopify and passed back? Can this timeframe vary, and by how much?

Answer = The Coupon is created in Shopify once it has been generated/used.  The time could vary if there was an issue, otherwise, it will happen within a matter of minutes.

If you are using HubSpot as your CRM is it recommended that you place a condition in your workflow that states if the Coupon Code Offer field is known then send email.

For InfusionSoft users, no email will be sent unless our second API call is fired so no conditions need set.