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RC Feature: Dynamic Coupon Code Generation for ActiveCampaign

Want to create a unique coupon code that can only be redeemed once? Our feature will generate a coupon code on the fly that cannot be shared among other's.

We do not offer support for our ActiveCampaign Marketing System outside of this Knowledge Base documentation. All Marketing System functionality is built off of standard ActiveCampaign functionality. You can view our full Level of Service Agreement here.
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Coupon Code Generation is a Revenue Conduit feature that's available to our higher volume subscribers.

If you need to upgrade your plan to enable Coupon Code Generation so that you can use this feature & campaign, please contact with your upgrade request.

Video 01: Coupon Code Overview


Video 02: General Coupon Setup (non-cart specific)

Note:If theActiveCampaign Fields you want to usein this feature are NOT showing up in Revenue Conduit, please click theRefresh Fieldsbutton in the top right corner and wait 1-2 minutes, then refresh the page. You may need to Logout of Revenue Conduit and log back in if they still aren’t refreshing. Here’s our full article on Refreshing Fields.



Video 03: Coupon Automation Testing


1. Log in to your Revenue Conduit Admin account.

2. Click on ActiveCampaign in the left menu.

3. Click on "Coupon Code Generation" menu item

4. Enter the details as requested in the video:  These fields and options are common to all 4 of our Shopping Carts;

  • Coupon Code name - This is the internal name of the coupon you can use to track which coupon it is (Your customers won't see this). For (Ex. New Customer 10% Off )
  • Coupon Code Available API Call - The API call that should be made when the coupon code is created in the store and uploaded to the Marketing Platform. (Ex. You set the API to NEWCUSTOMER10 so you will then call the API NEWCUSTOMER10 in your campaign)
  • Coupon Code Offer Field - The custom property in the Marketing Platform's Contact Record where this coupon code offer should be saved. (Ex. You created a custom text field Coupon Code in Hubspot/Infusionsoft. )
  • Coupon Code Format - The word added to the beginning of each coupon code that is generated for the current coupon campaign. (Ex. You set the prefix to Welcome so the coupon would look like WELCOME - 63TD2B3 )
  • Coupon Code Expiration Field - The custom property in the Marketing Platform's Contact Record where this coupon code expiration date should be saved. (Ex. You created a custom date field Coupon Code Expiration in Hubspot/Infusionsoft and the expiration date for that coupon is 10 days after. Let's say today is 3/12/2017 so the expiration date which is 3/22/2017 will be stored in that field. )
  • Discount Amount - The amount or percentage of discount you want to apply for you coupon code. (Ex. You selected the discount type to precentage per item so you will set the discount to 10. So the customer will have a 10% when using the coupon code. )
  • Applies To - The products or categories where you want to apply this coupon code. (Ex. You want to apply this coupon code to all products. So will have to select "All Categories" then the customer can just use the coupon on any products that you sell. )
  • Expires in - The time where you want to expire the coupon code. (Ex. You select 45 days, so will expire after 45 days from the day that you created it).

*****To see the list of cart specific fields for Woocommerce, Big Commmerce and Magento, click here

5. Click Save & Generate

6. After saving, the coupon campaign you just configured should appear at the bottom of the page in the section called "Configured Coupons".

7. Click "Continue" to close the popup

8. Find the HTTP POST column and copy the data inside the HTTP POST.

9. Follow the remaining instructions referenced in the video