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Revenue Conduit Feature: HubSpot Field to Field Sync

Looking to map custom fields from your storefront outside of the default Revenue Conduit mappings? Here are the instructions for setting this up in the admin portal.

Note: We can only detect and sync fields that are native to your shopping cart. We cannot sync custom shopping cart order or customer data that is outside the standard fields for your cart, so if you're using a 3rd party app that is creating custom fields, or you've manually created your own custom fields then this Field to Field feature will not be able to see the fields from that 3rd party app nor the fields you created. Additionally, we cannot sync account username or password fields from your shopping cart, as these are more secure and protected fields within your cart.

Note: If the HubSpot Properties you want to use in this feature are NOT showing up in Revenue Conduit, please click the Refresh Fields button in the top right corner and wait 1-2 minutes, then refresh the page. You may need to Logout of Revenue Conduit and log back in if they still aren’t refreshing. Here’s our full article on Refreshing Fields.

To see a list of available fields per shopping cart and how to set up the custom fields please see our Field Types Protocol and Best Practices