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Revenue Conduit Feature: Dynamic Coupon Code Generation for HubSpot

The Coupon Code Generation feature makes it easier to offer (via email) the prospect/customer a unique one time use coupon code to the customer when they take some action on your web site. This coupon can only be redeemed once and cannot be shared.

Coupon Code Generation is a Revenue Conduit feature that's available to our higher volume subscribers.

If you need to upgrade your plan to enable Coupon Code Generation so that you can use this feature & campaign, please contact with your upgrade request.

Note: If the Hubspot Properties you want to use in this feature are NOT showing up in Revenue Conduit, please click the Refresh Fields button in the top right corner and wait 1-2 minutes, then refresh the page. You may need to Logout of Revenue Conduit and log back in if they still aren’t refreshing. Here’s our full article on Refreshing Fields.

*****Please note that if you are using Shopify to disregard the portion of the video that speaks about Bulk Discounts as this is no longer the case.  Shopify functions exactly the same as the cart in this video.

To see how Shopify Bulk Discounts previously was used or how it would affect your current promotions, please see link below.

*****FYI- The video above is recorded for a Woocommerce shopping cart (all carts fields vary slightly from the video).

To see the fields that are available for your E-Commerce Platform, see our knowledge base article