Magento 2

Magento FAQ: Migration from Magento Version 1 to Version 2

I am currently using your extension (Revenue Conduit) to connect to HubSpot to Magento 1, but we are planning on migrating to M2. Do you already have the extension for M2? And if it will work the same as on M1?

Revenue Conduit does not have a Magento 2 extension, however, our new product Unific does.

Here's the article that details the whole process of migrating from Revenue Conduit to Unific:


Here is a quick breakdown:

You will need to create a new account on Unific and connect your Magento 2 instance. You can find the instructions for signing up for Unific and getting Magento 2 connected here.

Most of the fields created by Revenue Conduit are compatible with fields created by Unific. We can run a script to update the fields that are not compatible.

After you sign up for Unific:

  1. Contact and ask to run a script to update your HubSpot properties to be compatible with Unific
  2. After confirming that the sync is working correctly, please contact and we we will work with you to cancel your Revenue Conduit subscription.