How to create abandoned cart emails using Unific's abandoned cart properties

This tutorial goes over the process of utilizing Unific's abandoned cart properties to create an email template by using Hubspot's custom modules

Part 1: Create cart summary module

Step 1: Go to Hubspot Design Tools

Step 2: Create a new file

Step 3: Select 'Module'

Step 4: Make module available to emails by checking box and give it a name

Step 5: Paste this text into the code editor and publish, be sure to also make sure the toggle 'Make available in templates and pages' is active.

<div class="order-summary">
<table class="templateColumnWrapper" style="margin-top: 20px;" cellpadding="10">
{% if contact.abandoned_product_1_price %}
<td class="column" style="vertical-align: middle;"><img src="{{contact.abandoned_product_1_image_url}}" style="max-width: 130px;" width="130"></td>
<td class="column summary" style="vertical-align: top;">
<p>{{ contact.abandoned_product_1_name }}</p>
<p>{{ contact.abandoned_product_1_price }}</p>
{% endif %}
{% if contact.abandoned_product_2_price %}
<td class="column" style="vertical-align: middle;"><img src="{{contact.abandoned_product_2_image_url}}" style="max-width: 130px;" width="130"></td>
<td class="column summary" style="vertical-align: top;">
<p>{{ contact.abandoned_product_2_name }}</p>
<p>{{ contact.abandoned_product_2_price }}</p>
{% endif %}
{% if contact.abandoned_product_3_price %}
<td class="column" style="vertical-align: middle;"><img src="{{contact.abandoned_product_3_image_url}}" style="max-width: 130px;" width="130"></td>
<td class="column summary" style="vertical-align: top;">
<p>{{ contact.abandoned_product_3_name }}</p>
<p>{{ contact.abandoned_product_3_price }}</p>
{% endif %}
<div style="margin-top: 20px; text-align: center;"><a href="{{contact.abandoned_cart_url}}" rel=" noopener"><img src="" alt="button" style="width: 211px; max-width: 211px;" width="211"></a></div>

Now that this is done you will be able to access this template within the email builder

Part 2: Create abandoned cart email:
Step 1: Go to email editor

Step 2: Create email:

Step 3: Select automated:

Step 4: Select start from scratch

Step 5: Mock out email:
This step is mostly up to you with how you decide to design your general email.
Below I threw together a basic template to serve as our abandoned cart email:

Step 6: Add the module you created previously:
Under content on the left side click the + more icon and then drag the module that you created using the steps from part 1 into the desired place within your email.

Once added you will only see the "Take me to my cart " button.
Do not worry as the products will populate when you preview the email with a contact that has abandoned cart properties (if you don't have any contacts in hubspot with abandoned cart properties you will need to create a test abandoned cart using the steps in this document:

Part 7: Preview using customer with an abandoned cart:

(Be sure that the preview contact has an active abandoned cart or else no data will show in the email)

Part 8. Publish!

Your abandoned cart email is now published and you can use it as you please!

Finishing touches:
One last thing you may want to do (which is optional) is change the property format of abandoned_product_1_price to currency so that the email displays a currency symbol in front of it.
You can change this in your portal property settings:

Be sure to also update abandoned product 2 and 3 price properties so that they will also display the currency symbol.

Final note: If there is anything else that you think should be added to this article please message into Unific support and let us know!