Migrate to Unific from Make Web Better

Guide exclusively for WooCommerce clients migrating from MWB to Unific

Many clients who originally start with Make Web Better soon come to realize the limitations of the platform and switch to Unific for our:

  1. Reliable and accurate sync, see our status page for incident history: https://status.unific.com/
  2. True dedicated support
  3. Consistent updates with a foundation built for scale

The steps for migrating are simple but differ slightly from a usual WooCommerce Signup


1. Disconnect MakeWebBetter from HubSpot
2. Sign up for Unific https://app.unific.com
3. Connect WooCommerce to Unific (be sure to install the Unific WooCommerce plugin - the process is here: https://help.unific.com/connect-woocommerce)
4. Connect HubSpot to Unific when prompted ( https://help.unific.com/get-hubspot-connected-to-unific)
5. Contact Unific support ( support@unific.com) to clean up the properties that Make Web Better made (just changes the property types)
6. Confirm live sync works correctly, Unific deals will have the source store property as 'Unific' or your store URL
7. Once this is done, you can submit a request to run a "Historical Import" from the store which will get customers, orders and products from the store and upload to HubSpot ( https://help.unific.com/historical-data-sync)

After step 7, orders will be duplicated in HubSpot. Unific team can help you delete those orders from Make Web Better.

If you have any issues please contact support@unific.com for assistance