Migrate from Make Web Better to Unific

The steps involved in migrating from Make Web Better to Unific.

 1. Disconnect MakeWebBetter integration from HubSpot and uninstall their plugin

3. Connect WooCommerce to Unific (be sure to install the Unific WooCommerce plugin - the process is here: https://help.unific.com/connect-woocommerce)
4. Connect HubSpot to Unific when prompted ( https://help.unific.com/get-hubspot-connected-to-unific)
5. Contact Unific support ( support@unific.com) to clean up the properties that Make Web Better made:

To clean up properties from Make Web Better Unific has a Managed migration service.

To migrate your workflows and lists to use Unific's properties instead of Make Web Better's, Unific has a Managed workflows/lists migration service.

6. If you would like to clean up properties on your own and update workflows and lists to use Unific's properties, visit this article to see all of Unific's properties.
7. Confirm live sync works correctly, Unific deals will have the source store property as 'Unific' or your store URL
8. Once this is done, you can submit a request to run a "Historical Import" from the store which will get customers, orders, and products from the store and upload to HubSpot. You can request it by following this process https://help.unific.com/historical-data-sync

After the historical is complete (after step 7 above)

  1. Checkout Pending and Abandoned Deals uploaded by Make Web Better or another integration should be kept as Unific does not import historical checkouts/abandoned carts.
  2. Contact data will not be duplicated. Contacts will just be updated with the latest customer data from the store

Important: Unific will create deals for every order in your store's history. If your HubSpot portal has deals created by Make Web Better, the Unific team can help you delete those deals from your HubSpot portal.

If you have data on the deals not created by Make Web Better, then the duplicate deals should not be deleted.