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Magento 2 Historical Methods

How Magento 2 developers can sync their historical data to the marketing platform


Note: This article is only applicable for Magento 2 customers.

Historical data from your store can be sent to Unific in two methods:

Method 1  - Webhooks:

One way is sending webhooks from your Magento 2 store directly to Unific. It generates pages for all the collection of products, categories, customers and, orders with a page size of 50 entries on each page. These webhooks are saved to the unific connector messages table and sent to Unific as per the crons scheduled, just like the live webhooks are sent.

Method 2 - Save data to file:

In order to speed up the historical data sync, Historical data can also be sent to Unific by using a feature on the Magento 2 store admin and saving all the data to a file.

This process is a paid service. Please contact us to inquire about cost. 

The steps to do this are below!

  1. There is a setting in the Magento 2 store admin, that asks whether you'd like to save the historical data to a file.
    Path to the setting is:
    Stores -> Configuration -> Unific -> Connector Configuration -> Webhook Settings

    Select YES on this dropdown menu. Clear the cache after saving the setting.

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  2. Once this setting is set to "YES", fill out this form . Please mention "File-based historical" in the questions/comments section
  3. Unific's support team will then contact you and trigger the historical
  4. After the historical is completed, the Magento developer on your team will need to share this file with Unific using one of these methods:
    • they can give us FTP access to the server securely
    • they can move the file to file storage like Amazon S3 and give us secure access to download it
    • Once that is done, contact so we can download and run the file locally and get the historical started. We will monitor that and contact you when that is completed.


    Method 3 - Partial Historical

    If you want to only import specific data, please follow this article: How to request a partial historical.