Unific MQL Conversion:Promotion Delivery and Follow-up Nurture

What is it?

This is a workflow that’s been split into two. The first part delivers a promotion to a customer. The second release is a string of follow-up emails to convince them to use the promotion.

How do I set it up?

Since MQL conversion is two separate workflows, we’ll tackle this in the way they will be sent to your customers.

  1. Start by going to “Promotion Delivery Workflow”. This consists of one trigger and one email, with the end result funneling people into the second flow “Follow-up Nurture.”The only thing you need to do is determine what trigger you want to give this workflow ( someone who hasn’t bought in a while? Someone who bought a specific product? etc.) and then you can move into the next.
  1. Then go into the “Follow-up Nurture” flow. Users from “Promotion Delivery” are automatically funneled here 2 days after the first email goes out. As soon as they enter this flow, they’ll receive a new email, in addition to 3 others before the week is finished. Most of this flow is pre-programmed, however, the one thing you should pay attention to are the delivery settings. In “Promotion Delivery”, emails can be delivered any time of day. In “Follow-Up Nurture”, by default, it’s set to only release emails during the regular workday in order to better match times people are more likely to buy.

If you need to adjust these settings, you can. Otherwise, this workflow is officially set up for you to use!