Get Connected

Connect Zoey eCommerce

1). Start Revenue Conduit's cart connection process as though you were connecting the Magento eCommerce platform, see Magento connection article here

Zoey is not Magento, but it is built on Magento technology and so the setup process will be very similar (The difference is that you'll install the Revenue Conduit App in Zoey's Marketplace, rather than uploading a Magento extension).

Under our Magento setup menu you will need to provide these details from Zoey:

  • API User
  • API Key

Getting these 3 elements are described, below.

2). Create a "Standard API" Zoey API User with an API Role with "All" resource access

Zoey's How-To Guide on these steps is More Thoroughly Explained in This Article

Here's a screenshot of the API Section in Zoey's interface:


3). Log into Revenue Conduit admin portal and enter in yourZoey WSDL Soap V2 API URL

NOTE: Zoey offers 2 WSDL URL's. Revenue Conduit is only compatible with V2 SOAP URL referenced above, not the Version 1 of SOAP.

4). Copy & Paste your API User and Role into the Store Details

5). Click Submit to save the credentials

6) Install Revenue Conduit from Zoey's "Apps" tab (see picture, below)

This is what the extension will look like once installed: