Get Connected

Connect Shopify

Steps on how to Connect Shopify:

From the signup page you will be prompted to "Add Shopping Cart" once you have connected your marketing platform.  (If you are reconnecting Shopify after the intial signup then you will need to log into the Revenue Conduit admin portal and click on your marketing platform, then connect shop, re-connect your shopping cart and then follow the instructions below).

  1. Select the Shopify Icon
  2. Enter your store url (ex:
  3. Click Submit

Note:  If you are logged into your Shopify admin portal then you will not need to enter Shopify login credentials but if you are not, then you will need this info.

A pop up will appear similiar to the one listed on the video below asking you to install Revenue Conduit for Infusionsoft- please proceed even if you are ActiveCampaign or Hubspot.

Once you have gone through the prompt to install the app for Shopify you will be redirected to the Revenue Conduit admin portal where your store will be confirmed as successfully installed.

From this point it is recommended that you place a test order even if your store is not live to confirm your order sync to your marketing platform.

For information on how to create a bogus transaction in Shopify, please refer to their article

Note: All test orders need to be marked as paid from your store in order for the RFM data to be updated in your marketing platform.  Failure to mark an order as paid will delay the data transfer to your account.