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[Legacy] Dynamic Coupon Codes using Bulk Discounts App for Shopify

Shopify Coupon Code Generation

Our Shopify Coupon Code generation is now accomplished through our standard coupon code generation process that works for all our carts (you can now generate expiring coupons and leverage merge field data in the coupon name). The method described in this article will no longer work, but we're leaving this article up in case people are looking for it. 

For implementing the new method, go to the article for your Marketing Platform:

Infusionsoft: https://help.unific.com/infusionsoft/revenue-conduit-features-settings/rc-feature-dynamic-coupon-code-generation-for-infusionsoft

HubSpot: https://help.unific.com/hubspot/revenue-conduit-features-settings/revenue-conduit-feature-dynamic-coupon-code-generation-for-hubspot

ActiveCampaign: https://help.unific.com/activecampaign/standard-marketing-system/rc-feature-dynamic-coupon-code-generation-for-activecampaign

For Questions about existing promotions using the legacy Bulk Discounts app see below:


===========LEGACY PROCESS_ NO LONGER APPLIES===============

Our feature requires the free "Bulk Discounts" Shopify app in the Shopify App Store https://apps.shopify.com/bulk-discounts.

After you add the app, return to this page and follow these instructions:

Log in to your Revenue Conduit Admin account.

Click on your Marketing Platform in the left menu.

Click on "Coupon Code Generation" menu item

Enter the details below (see the full video tutorial on Dynamic Coupon Code Generation per Marketing Platform at bottom of page).

Coupon Name - This is the name of the coupon you can use to track which    
coupon it is. For example "10% Off"

Coupon Code Prefix - The coupon code prefix is added to the beginning of each coupon code that is generated for the current coupon campaign.

Campaign - Create a new Campaign Name (this is only relevant for Revenue Conduit's internal menu, so you can give the Campaign the same name as the Coupon Name, above)

Number Of Coupons To Generate - Drop down that asks how many coupons should be generated in bulk. 

*******These coupons must be generated in bulk because Shopify API does not allow creation of a single coupon. This means that you, as the merchant, must watch the number of coupons that are used. If the number of coupons used and the total # of coupons is the same, then no more coupons are available for use and you must create a new coupon campaign.

Click Save & Generate

After saving, the coupon campaign you just configured should appear at the bottom of the page in the section called "Configured Coupons".

Click the link called "View List" that appears beside the new coupon campaign that was just created.

A popup should appear that has a list of all the unique coupon codes that were randomly generated.

Follow the instructions on the popup to copy all those coupons into the Bulk Discounts app that you installed earlier Keep this page open and follow these instructions for Bulk Discounts in a new tab:

  • Bulk Discounts App Instructions
  • Open a new tab in your browser
  • Log into your Shopify Admin section for your store
  • Click "Apps" in the main menu
  • Find the Bulk Discounts App
  • Click "New Discount Set"
  • Enter a name of the discount campaign. We recommend using the same name you used in step 6 for Coupon Name
  • Set "How many times can these discounts be used?" to 1
  • Set "Discount type" to the desired discount type
  • Set "Start and end" date to the desired values. We recommend setting the end date (expiration date) to be as far in the future as you think it will take the number of discounts to be used up. Making a shorter date will mean that customers will get expired coupon codes. When all are expired, you can always generate a new set of discounts.
  • Set "Generate or import the discount codes?" to "Import the discount code"
  • Paste the coupons you copied on step 11 above into the "Type or paste the name of each discount".
  • Click "Create". This will create all the coupons that were copied from step 11 into Shopify.

After creating the coupons in Shopify using the Bulk Discounts App, open the page that has the popup still open.

If the coupons were created as discounts in Shopify successfully, select the radio button next to "These coupon codes were pasted into the shopify 'Bulk Discounts' Shopify App and were successfully created in Shopify." If not, then select the other radio button.

Click "Continue" to close the popup

Find the HTTP POST column and copy the data inside the HTTP POST.

****Follow the remaining instructions referenced in the Dynamic Coupon Generation