Shopify FAQs

When my Shopify products get uploaded to Infusionsoft, why do they have a different SKU in Infusionsoft than in Shopify?

Revenue Conduit can sync products from Shopify to Infusionsoft. However, the SKU field of the product in Shopify does not match to the SKU field of the product in Infusionsoft. The reason for this is that in Shopify, the product structure is different than the product structure in Infusionsoft:

  • In Shopify, the product itself has no SKU. Only variants (product options) have an SKU per variant.
  • In Infusionsoft, the product itself must have an SKU. The variants (product options) do not have an SKU.

This is a basic mismatch of how products are structured. Thus, when Revenue Conduit syncs a product, it generates an SKU value using the id of the product in Shopify and the client id.