Revenue Conduit: Features & Settings

RC Setting: Coupon Code Syncing for Infusionsoft

Coupon Code Syncing allows you to create a Tag with the same name as a coupon code used during the purchase. 

Every time a customer makes a purchase using a coupon code, we will generate that coupon code in Infusionsoft as a tag under a Tag Category called “Store Coupon Codes”. If this coupon is being used by multiple customers all of them will have the same tag. If there is a dash ‘-’ symbol in the coupon code, we will delete that dash and all remove all text to the left of it in the coupon code before generating it as a tag in Infusionsoft; this allows you to use the “Suffix” of our one-time use coupon code feature to see all of the customers who used any coupon generated from that group. 

For example, since the Suffix is always preceded by a ‘-’ symbol, you might set up a coupon generator with the suffix “WELCOMEBACK” and for one customer they would get the unique coupon “3RT7X-WELCOME BACK” and another customer would get the coupon “8ULTJ-WELCOMEBACK”, but when they use their coupons and we sync the coupon tags to Infusionsoft, we would only sync the suffix portion of the coupons so that both of the customers have the same Infusionsoft tag, “WELCOMEBACK”.

To set up a suffix, please see our Dynamic Coupon Code Generation article here

This feature will also allow you to segment a customer(s) who has used a particular coupon code in a campaign setup if you want to perform another action based off whether or not the coupon was used.