Product Tagging

RC Feature: Generate Infusionsoft Product or Category Tags

Note: If following the instructions in this article doesn't work, please try logging out of your Revenue Conduit account and logging back in. If that still doesn't work please email

Revenue Conduit has 2 ways to generate Infusionsoft Tags for Products and Store Categories (or Collections, as they're called in Shopify).

Once generated and associated in Revenue Conduit's admin interface (which is explained in this article), these tags will be applied to each customer who purchases from that particular Product or Category.

Here are the two (2) different methods for generating Product/Category Tags in Revenue Conduit:

  1. Enable Automatic Generation on All Future Product or Category Purchases
  2. Generate an Individual Product or Store Category Tag

The two different methods are explained, below.

Method 1: Enable Automatic Generation on All Future Product or Category Purchases

As an online retailer you'll likely be adding new Products or Categories to your online store in the future. Enabling either of these settings below will automatically generate missing tags on all future purchases of your new products

Revenue Conduit allows you to automatically generate and associate a product or category tag each time a product is purchased.

  • Login to your Revenue Conduit account at
  • Click Infusionsoft - <your app name>
  • Click Settings
  • Scroll to the bottom section titled Miscellaneous Settings
  • Select the checkbox for "Auto apply product tags" or/and "Auto apply category tags"
  • WARNING: You should NOT enable this option if you have more than 1200 Products and/or Categories in your store. Your Infusionsoft app will noticeably slow down if it has more than 2000 total tags in the system, and you want to leave plenty of room for additional tags. If you do have more than 1200 individual products, we recommend only enabling the Category tags checkbox, instead. 
image (5)
  • Click Submit at the bottom of the page to save your settings. 

Method 2: Generate an Individual Product or Store Category Tag: 

If you have too many product tags to provide valuable segmentation or you simply only want tags enabled for specific products or categories to keep your Infusionsoft account more simple, this other option will be useful for you.

Often a subscriber may only want to generate tags for their Top 20 products or specific Categories/Products that they want to use in Campaign routing and triggering.

  •  Login to your Revenue Conduit account at
  • Click Infusionsoft - <your app name>
  • Click Product/Tags Association or Category/Tags Association
image (6)
  • Now type the Product or Category in the search bar and click Search
image (7)
  • Once you've found the Product or Store Category you're searching for, click the Create Tag & Associate button for that certain product or category. NOTE: You may need to wait 1-2 minutes and refresh the page to see the tag created and associated with the Product or Category you selected. If neither of those work, please Logout of Revenue Conduit and then log back in, again.
image (8)
  • That's it! But here is an image of the entire Interface
image (9)

Notes About This Feature: 

  • This will only apply these Infusionsoft tags for FUTURE Product and Category purchases. If you want to apply this to your history of purchases, please sign up for our free Infusionsoft Historical at this form.
  • We generate all Product or Store Category tags in Infusionsoft using a uniform format that will contain the item's Full Name and ID's from your store. This way it makes it easy to see in Infusionsoft which Product or Store Category that the generated tag is referring to.
  • See our Overview of this feature in the Infusionsoft Product & Category Tag Associations