Infusionsoft FAQs

Amazon Email Suppression with PlusThis

Here's a simple Infusionsoft campaign that you can create for yourself to route out email addresses containing the word 'Amazon.' This campaign requires a PlusThis account to build.
Learn more about PlusThis at

If you need further help in building a campaign like this for yourself, please contact Infusionsoft or PlusThis for additional help and support. This campaign utilizes basic Infusionsoft and PlusThis functionality, so we made this video as a starting point for you to understand how to build a campaign to exclude Amazon customers from your Infusionsoft email marketing. Infusionsoft or PlusThis support can assist further, if needed!

To help out further, here's Infusionsoft's documentation article on HTTP Posts in the Campaign Builder:

NOTE: This method will not Suppress all past Amazon customers who have already synced into your Infusionsoft account. To do that, build and publish the campaign as described in the video, then follow the steps below using basic Infusionsoft functions:

  1. Do a contact search of all Email addresses containing 'amazon' - Here's the Infusionsoft userguide article on understanding contact searches
  2. Use the Start/Stop a Campaign Sequence function to put all of these contacts through the first sequence in the campaign so that they will all be tested and routing through this process - Here's the advanced Infusionosft userguide article on manually starting contacts in a campaign sequence