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Infusionsoft Saved Search: All Saved Search Criteria (Standard Marketing System)

We do not offer support for our Infusionsoft Marketing System outside of this Knowledge Base documentation. All Marketing System functionality is built off of standard Infusionsoft functionality. You can view our full Level of Service Agreement, here.

Here's our method for building all of the dashboards that we provide for the Standard Marketing System. All of this Saved Search work is based off of standard Infusionsoft functionality.

You can build these yourself, or verify that your existing saved searches match these criteria listed below.

RFM – All Data

Now click “Start Over”

Under the “Search” tab

Set “Tag Ids” to “With ANY of these Tags”

Then select “Segment Tags -> Customers”

Under “Custom Fields” set “Total Order Value” to .01 and 10000000

Under the “Columns” tab

Select the ff:





Customer Group

Order Recency Rating

Order Frequency Rating

Monetary Rating

Total Order Value

Average Order Value

Total Number of Orders

First Order Date

First Order Value

Last Order Date

Last Order Value

Average Days between Orders

Account Creation Date

New Lead Campaign

New Customer Campaign

Then click “<<”

And Click “Search”

Now Click “Save” and set the name to “RFM – All Data”