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Infusionsoft Campaign: Upgrade to our Premium Marketing System

Our standard marketing system that we provide with every Revenue Conduit/Infusionsoft subscription gives you a framework to automate your 1st and 2nd sales.

In our experience with hundreds of online retailers we've found that the New Lead (1st sale) and New Customer (2nd sale) campaigns are an effective framework for building targeted, automatic email content that will automate your store growth.

Our Premium Marketing System is an upgrade that adds in 4 more campaigns :

  1. The Customer Reengagement Campaign - This campaign serves as a catch-all bookend to send an offer to customers who haven't purchased in a while and are about to be lost to your business
  2. The Customer Rewards Campaign - This campaign can be used to trigger a Rewards program or thank you to your customers based on them meeting certain purchase markers that are meaningful to your business (example; if they've purchased more than $500 over their lifetime) as well as let them know about other rewards you will give them for their customer loyalty
  3. Get a 3rd Order Campaign - This campaign can pick up automatically after a 2nd successful purchase to nurture a customer to a 3rd sale. Customers who've only purchased once are likely to never by again and customers who've purchased twice are more likely to buy. But a customer is most likely at the tipping point of becoming a loyal customer after they've purchased at least 3 times.
  4. Get a 4th Order Campaign - This campaign can pick up automatically after the 3rd purchase, and it serves to keep that loyal customer engaged. Once a customer has bought 4 times they will likely be a customer for life if you keep in touch with them with targeted broadcasts and communication

Here's the link to our Upgrades page to buy the Premium Marketing System