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Service Level Agreement: Revenue Conduit HubSpot Marketing System

This agreement applies to any and all Hubspot Workflows, Campaigns, Smart Lists, Fixed Lists, Custom Contact Properties, Email Templates, and any other related content created by Revenue Conduit in your Hubspot account as part of your Revenue Conduit

Service Level Agreement - Revenue Conduit Hubspot Marketing System

Revenue Conduit support exists to answer questions and solve issues regarding order data that gets synced between your store and Hubspot. We also provide documentation and support if you’re having trouble utilizing our software features that you find in our Admin interface.

Using standard Hubspot functionality, we've provided a full marketing system in Hubspot that you can leverage to grow your store, and we provide training videos, knowledge-base articles, and campaign documentation so that you can successfully launch these workflows. We’ve documented all sections of these campaigns that integrate into Revenue Conduit so that you can understand how Revenue Conduit and Hubspot work together.

We do not support the implementation or troubleshooting of our Hubspot marketing system outside of our knowledge-base articles, videos, and campaign documentation. We’ve documented our features so that you can be educated on the options and data that Revenue Conduit can sync to Hubspot, and everything else in these workflows are built off of standard Hubspot functionality so that you can reach out to Hubspot support for help. If you need additional help in understanding, troubleshooting, or implementing the Hubspot marketing system we’ve built for you, we offer consulting packages to get you fully implemented and grow your revenue.

We believe in your success as an Hubspot customer. We give you these Workflows as a starting point based on our experience from dozens of consulting projects. Hubspot is an incredibly powerful marketing automation platform, and you can use the campaigns we’ve built for you along with our video and documentation content to save you hundreds of hours and quickly implement the ecommerce best practices that will help you grow your store.

Hubspot/Revenue Conduit Training Resources

Get familiar with Hubspot’s basic functionality in order to launch the Workflow Frameworks that Revenue Conduit has built for you. Learn what you need to know about Hubspot so that our New Lead and New Customer workflow frameworks can start growing your business within the first 60 days:

  • Here is Hubspot's user guide for searching topical questions:
  • Here is Hubspot's phone number for answering workflow, campaign, and email setup questions: 1-888-482-7768
  • Here is Revenue Conduit's support info for addressing issues in connecting Hubspot into your store, as well as any issues in your Revenue Conduit interface:
  • And here is Revenue Conduit's knowledge base for answering specific feature questions (please let us know if we need to improve any documentation!): Knowledge Base.

Those are the bulks of the resources you'll need. Please let us know if you have any other questions in order to start building your success with Hubspot and Revenue Conduit. We also offer consulting packages if you need a more hands-on approach, so let us know!