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Revenue Conduit Settings: Refresh Fields from Hubspot

Looking for custom fields created in your CRM to be mapped but the fields are not showing in dropdown? All you have to do is refresh the fields as listed in this article.

Note: If following the instructions in this article doesn't work, please try logging out of your Revenue Conduit account and logging back in. If that still doesn't work please email

Frequently, you may create NEW fields or properties in your Hubspot account that you would like to utilize in one of Revenue Conduit's Admin features.

This article explains how to use the Refresh Fields Button feature inside of Revenue Conduit's Admin interface.

How To Refresh Your Fields from your Hubspot: 

Field to Field Hubspot
  • In the Top Right of the screen, click the Refresh Fields Button so that Revenue Conduit requests a list of your most up-to-date Fields/Properties from your Hubspot account.NOTE: You may need to wait a few minutes and refresh the page to see the tag created and associated with the Product or Category you selected. If neither of those work, please Logout of Revenue Conduit and then log back in, again.

Field to Field Hubspot 2

That's it! Below is picture of the entire interface!

Field to Field Hubspot 3

Hubspot/Revenue Conduit Features that will Utilize this Refresh Fields Button: