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HS Smart List - Key Segments 09: Bought One Time

We have created a series of smartlists to track where each and every contact is at in the buyer's journey. This one explores all new customers whose "total number of orders" equals 1.

We do not offer support for our HubSpot Marketing System outside of this Knowledge Base documentation. All Marketing System functionality is built off of standard HubSpot functionality. You can view our full Level of Service Agreement, here. For any data-sync issues, immediately contact:

Note #1: This Smart List currently isn't being built in Revenue Conduit's Marketing System for Hubspot. You will have to re-create this Smart List manually using the Default Settings screenshot, below.

This Article covers the Revenue Conduit Smart List(s) in your Hubspot account with the following full name(s):

  • 09: Bought One Time

Smart List Default Settings
The default settings for this Smart List can be referenced or rebuilt based on the Screenshot below:


Video Overview of How to Use This Smart List: