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Staging account for Revenue Conduit

The process to set up a staging account to test Revenue Conduit

Many e-commerce companies have a staging version of their web site that they use to validate extensions and development changes before making them on a production web site. This article explains the process to test Revenue Conduit.

Create a Staging Revenue Conduit Account

The best way to test Revenue Conduit is to create a separate Revenue Conduit account for Staging using a different email address than you want to use for a production account. There is a 14 day free trial on every account, however, if you need more time to test, please email support at and we'll work with you.

To get and test ALL features in Revenue Conduit, sign up for the 'Growth' Plan for the Staging account signup.

Connect Shopping Carts

When the signup process prompts you to connect your shopping cart, be sure to connect only your Staging web site to the newly created Staging account.

These articles will walk you connect the various shopping carts.

Connect Marketing Automation Platform

When the signup process prompts you to connect your Marketing Automation Platform (HubSpot, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign), be sure to connect the Production account of your Marketing Platform.

Revenue Conduit will then sync the data from the Staging shopping cart to your Marketing Platform.

Complete Testing on Staging

After you complete the testing on Staging be sure to delete the Contacts / Orders / Deals that your Staging site may have created from your Marketing Automation platform. This will ensure that you start with a clean dataset in the Marketing Automation Platform.

Revenue Conduit will create custom fields and workflows (HubSpot only) in some cases in your Marketing Platform. These can stay in place even after testing because Revenue Conduit will detect that they exist and will be used in your Production Revenue Conduit account as well.

If you haven't already created a new Revenue Conduit Production account, sign up for a new account and choose the appropriate plan. Then connect the production version of your shopping cart when the signup prompts you.