Order FAQ: Does the syncing operate in autonomous mode or scheduling?

Unific syncs data automatically when it changes or is created. Unific relies on webhooks whenever it can. Automatic sync is supported for all our carts.



  • Webhooks - sync is near real-time and automatic


  • Webhooks - sync is near real-time and automatic


  • Webhooks - sync is near real-time and automatic
  • We have found that WooCommerce does not always send webhooks reliably. As a backup, Unific also polls WooCommerce nightly to get new or updated customers and orders. Abandoned carts are not included in the backup nightly polling process. Webhooks must be functioning for abandoned cart sync to work.
  • Note 1: In WooCommerce Admin, it is possible for anyone with proper permissions to disable webhooks. We recommend asking everyone on your team with WooCommerce admin access to NOT disable Unific webhooks. Contact us at support@unific.com if you have any questions about webhooks.
  • Note 2: If you need to disable Unific webhooks, you may disconnect your WooCommerce store in your Unific admin at any time. This will disable all of Unific's webhooks and ot is the preferred method to disable webhooks. 

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