Magento FAQ: How is the email address captured in Magento for the Cart Abandonment?

Our abandoned cart functionality for Magento works with one step checkout as well as the default multistep checkout. This is included in our extension that is installed when you connect Magento.

Magento 1 is supported on our RC product but not currently on our Unific product (integration coming soon).  We support both multi-step and one-step checkout.  For one-step checkout, their is a small script you will have to add to the checkout page only from the setup article below;

Please see the signup page here for the Magento 1 integration.  To learn more about connecting Magento 1, please refer to the link below;

*****Magento 2 is not supported on our Revenue Conduit product but it is available on our New Unific platform - signup here

Follow these steps to Connect Magento to Unific.