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How do I sign up for a 2nd RC account

This is for existing RC customers only.

In order to connect a second instance of your existing store, you would need to sign up for a second Revenue Conduit account.  We provide a discount to store owners with more than one account.  To sign up go here

The second account would have to be of equal or lesser value to the current plan you are on but it would be a flat rate of $25.00 per month forever.If you are interested in signing up, please reply to and we will create you a discount code to use at the time of signup.

****Please remember that you will also receive a 2 week free trial but it is critical that you sign up using an alternate web browser or sign up in incognito mode.  You will also have to use an alternate email adddress from the original account.

Once you have signed up and connected your marketing platform and shopping cart, you will need to set a store id.Inside of your Settings in Revenue Conduit, there's a field at the top of that page called "Store ID". Put a 3-digit number in there of your choosing. This will append a dash and those 3 digits to each order number so that there won't be any duplicate order numbers.This feature is  reserved for multiple shopping carts going into the same Marketing Platform.  Adding in a store id will prevent duplicate order numbers from being synced.