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Unific Technical Support Priority Determination

Unific’s technical support team uses the following criteria for determining a new ticket's priority level:

High Priority

    1. Customers on a prepaid Annual Plan
    2. Customers with a Technical Support Addon
    3. Issues with a "Critical" severity (For example a complete loss of service for multiple customers at once on production stores)
    4. Degraded service for multiple customers at once on production stores
    5. Response time: Same day support on business days

    Medium Priority

    1. Customers on one or more Monthly Paid Plans
    2. Degraded Service - The data sync affecting only a few customers' production connections. The service is still functioning but in a degraded state.
    3. Installation issues on production connections
    4. Integration issues on production connections
    5. Difficulty connecting your cart or marketing platform to Unific (included for customers of all plan types)
    6. Response time: 3 - 5 business days

    Low Priority: 

    1. Customers on Free plan:
      1. Assistance for connection issues for customers on any free plan will get resolved as quickly as possible (as long as the shopping cart and marketing platform setup are standard)
      2. If there are issues unrelated to connection issues, free plan customers must upgrade to a paid plan to get additional support.
    2. General issues include:
        • Product questions
        • Feature requests
        • Issues where a workaround may be available.
    3. Response time: 5 - 7 business days

    Business Hours:

    • Unific's Business Hours are Monday to Friday, between 9 am to 5 pm in the US Eastern (EST) time zone
    • Medium-priority and low-priority tickets created during non-business hours and/or national holidays will be responded to in the next business day during the business hours defined above
    • High-priority tickets with critical severity will be answered as soon as they are seen by Unific staff
    • High-priority tickets with medium and low severity will be answered during business hours
    • Since Unific integrates with your shopping cart and email marketing platform, Unific may require more time to coordinate with the support teams of third parties during their business hours.


    Critical: This indicates a complete shut-down of the system, nothing can proceed further

    Example: Production systems are down affecting multiple Unific customers at once

    Degraded: This indicates the system is still functional but produces undesirable behavior

    Example Integration issues affecting a single platform that cause only customers for that platform to experience unexpected problems.

    Mild: This indicates the system is still functioning for all customers and there's no major breakdown