Request Custom Mappings

How to request custom mappings


Custom mappings are included with all annual plans. On monthly plans you must purchase the service. See this page to learn how to purchase it and what the service includes.

To map properties for orders, customers, or products:

  1. Make a copy of this spreadsheet:
  2. Fill in the property mappings as you need them to be made in Unific.
  3. Make the properties in the Destination platform using the "property name" from column G and the "property label" from column H.
  4. After filling this out, share the link to your sheet by creating a ticket, or replying to your existing ticket (make sure Unific has permissions to view the sheet). Alternately, you can download the google spreadsheet to an excel spreadsheet and send it as an attachment.
  5. Make sure Column "D" for example objects is filled out with objects that actually have values populated in the custom fields. The Unific team needs example object IDs so that we can find the specific data in the data we get from the source platform.
  6. We will make the mapping after we receive the deal.
  7. After the mapping, check a couple of the expected object properties and see if they have the relevant information getting synced in Hubspot.

Note: Do not share the sheet with email address as we will not be able to find it if shared that way. Email a direct link, or download and send it via email.