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Moving from Multi-Select Fields (Multiple Checkboxes) to Multi-line Text Fields in HubSpot

Are you looking for some properties that seem to be incomplete in your Hubspot account? Check to make sure they are not one of the affected fields due to recent change in Hubspot properties.

  1. Revenue Conduit had to change field types for 13 of the fields we sync into HubSpot and create NEW fields in customers' HubSpot portals then remap our app to sync data to those new fields.
  2. There are some tasks required of our customers to help complete this change.
Why did we have to change the field type?

There are two types of fields in HubSpot that are relevant to this article.

  • Multiple checkboxes - Checkboxes contain several specific options that are usually related. Multiple can be selected. For example - all the products that the contact bought in their lifetime can be selected.
  • Multi-line text - Multi-line text properties can contain several strings of alphanumeric characters, such as a paragraph or list of items.

Multiple checkboxes fields now have a limit of 1,000 options in the HubSpot which was not being enforced in the past. Recently HubSpot has begun enforcing the hard limit of 1,000 options. Due to this new enforcement, sync failures started occurring in the portals that have surpassed the limit of 1,000 options.

What was done:

In order to address the sync failures and ensure sync uptime, our development team created new fields of type 'Multi-line text' for every affected 'Multiple checkboxes' field (listed below) and remapped the fields in Revenue Conduit to those new fields. Thus, only NEW data is syncing into the remapped 'Multi-line text' field instead of the affected 'Multiple checkboxes' fields.

What fields are affected?

The following fields have a high chance of creating more than 1000 options. These fields have been remapped to their corresponding Multi-line text fields.

  • Categories Bought => Categories Bought (multi-line text field),
  • Products Bought' => Products Bought (multi-line text field),
  • Product Types Bought' => Product Types Bought (multi-line text field),
  • SKUs Bought => SKUs Bought (multi-line text field),
  • Vendors Bought' => Vendors Bought (multi-line text field),
  • Coupon Codes Used' => Coupon Codes Used (multi-line text field)
  • Last Categories Bought' => Last Categories Bought (multi-line text field),
  • Last Products Bought' => Last Products Bought (multi-line text field),
  • Last Product Types Bought' => Last Product Types Bought (multi-line text field),
  • Last SKUs Bought' => Last SKUs Bought (multi-line text field)
  • Last Vendors Bought' => Last Vendors Bought (multi-line text field)
  • Abandoned Cart Products => Abandoned Cart Products(multi-line text field)
  • Abandoned Cart Categories => Abandoned Cart Products(multi-line text field)
What still needs to be done:

All previous workflows using the affected 'Multiple checkboxes' fields as criteria for segmentation will need to change the search criteria to reference the new 'Multi-line text' fields. Including abandoned cart workflows.

The following video shows the changes needed in order to use these fields correctly in the search criteria for workflow segmentation.


Continue migration to new fields

Deprecated Fields

After this change, every affected HubSpot account now has an additional field of type 'Multi-line text for each affected field of type 'Multiple checkboxes'. This could cause confusion since only the new field will be updated. To mitigate this confusion, our development will make the following additional change:

  1. The affected fields of type 'Multiple checkboxes' will be renamed to '(deprecated) Field Name. -  For example "Products Bought" will be renamed to "(deprecated) Products Bought"
  2. The corresponding field of type 'Multi-line text' will be renamed to "Products Bought"

We will send another communication when that's done.

Please reach out to us with any questions!