Quotific Current State

Quotific is a new product and is under active development. As such, we will use this page to provide updates on any features currently under development and bugs being worked on.

Features Being Researched

Deal to Company Associations

  • As it stands right now, Deals synced by Unific/Quotific are associated with the contact placing an order. We are researching a way to also associate deals to companies, based on the contact already being associated with the company. 

Feature Gaps

  • User experience fixes
    • If a product is out of stock, the user should not be able to add the item to the draft order in Shopify
    • Show which properties (like postal/zip code, state, country) are required and prevent customer creation in Shopify and draft order creation if those properties don't have values
    • Show relevant errors when draft order creation fails.

Bugs Waiting for Fix

  • When making a draft order, Quotific allows the user to see and select the available shipping rates for the customer's. Currently, displaying the shipping rates is unreliable, in that Quotific is not always able to find the shipping rates to show.
  • The properties "Draft Order ID", "Draft Order Name" and "Draft Order URL" have a delay of up to 15 minutes on the deal after they have been created
  • The properties "Draft Order Name" and "Draft Order URL" don't always get updated (even after a delay)
  • When a draft order is created via Quotific, then a deal is created for that draft order. When that draft order's Invoice URL is clicked, sometimes an additional deal is created instead of updating the deal that already exists.

New Features Launched

Shopify Contact Create

Previously, Quotific required that the contact already exists in Shopify to create a draft order. After this feature implementation, if the contact doesn't exist in Shopify, Quotific will create it. 
To use this feature:

  • The contact record must have these fields populated with the appropriate data:
    • City
    • Postal Code
    • State/Region
    • Street Address
    • Country/Region (Value must be abbreviated. For example, if the country is "United States" then put in the abbreviated form "US")
  • If you already had Unific connected before, you must disconnect and reconnect Shopify:
    • Login to your Unific Account
    • Go to connected Apps
    • Disconnect the connected Shopify store
    • Reconnect the same Shopify store

Bugs Fixed

Duplicate Deals

  • A duplicate deal was sometimes created when the draft order URL was clicked. This is fixed now!


Variant Titles Showing as Parent Product Titles

  • Previously, variant product titles were showing as the same title as the parent product. This is fixed.