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Quotific: Shopify Draft Order Management and CPQ app

Draft Order Management brings in orders built by your sales team in Shopify, referred to as Draft Orders into your Hubspot pipeline in the smartest way possible and Draft Order CPQ allows Sales reps


Is it an add-on or a stand-alone app?

  • Quotific is a standalone app for our Unific Sync available for both Free Plan as well as Growth Plan users for a flat fee depending on their revenue. (This fee does not include fees for Growth Plan).

Am I required to have a Unific Account?

  • You are required to have a Unific Account and an active sync subcription at all times with both your store and HubSpot account connected while you use Draft Orders. Our add-on will not work on its own. 

Do I need to have a Growth Plan or can I stay on Free?

  • We recommend having a Growth Plan Subscription to avoid any issue. While you are not required to have one, our Free Plan has a limit of 100 orders per month. This limit will be shared between e-commerce store orders and Draft Orders when the add-on is activated and once the limit is reached you will be cut-off, potentially losing important data. All of this is avoided with a Growth Plan.
  •  It is important to know even if you're on our Free Plan, Draft Order Sync add-on has a monthly flat fee depending on your revenue. There is no Free version of Draft Order Sync add-on.

If I update an order in Shopify, will I see it updated in HubSpot? 

  • Yes, we offer a one way sync from Shopify to HubSpot allowing any updates in your Draft Orders to be seen in HubSpot as part of the deal properties. 


If I update an order in HubSpot, will I see it updated in Shopify? 

  • We offer a one way sync to avoid running into issue that would compromise your data, for this reason, editing a Draft Order in HubSpot will not reflect changes in Shopify. It is advisable to not edit the Draft Order at all in HubSpot, but rather use the properties to create workflows that trigger tasks, meetings, reminders or tickets. 


Is Draft Order Sync available for any cart?

  • Currently we only offer Draft Order Sync add-on for Shopify.