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Syncing draft order using Draft Order Sync with Quotific CPQ

A step-by-step guide on syncing a Shopify draft order into HubSpot using our add-on feature.


If you're new to Draft Order Sync, learn more about it here!

This short demo allows you see the power of Draft Order Sync add-on in action, bringing in draft orders created by your sales team in Shopify, creating a contact card that is easily accesible, updating the draft until it becomes an actual order with properties that let you filter it. 

Note: To create a draft order in Shopify, the Unific Sync must be connected to both Shopify and HubSpot. Limits from Unific plan will apply to Draft Order Sync add-on so we recommend upgrading.


Let's get started on setting up Draft Order Sync!

  1. Since it is an add-on to our Unific Sync you must have either a Free or Growth Plan currently active. We recommend Growth so you are not limited to 100 order syncs monthly, including those from your e-com store as well as Draft Orders.
  2. Set up a meeting with us so we can understand your specific needs and show you how to solve it Draft Order Sync Add-on through a demo. 
    1. Set up a meeting here.
  3. Since this is an add-on we must activate on the back end, and once we do you will find the following properties created for any new draft order synced. 

    Screen Shot 2021-12-23 at 11.45.07 AM
  4. Draft Orders synced will include a #D in the beginning of their name on the deal record, so they are easily recognizable in the pipeline.

    Screen Shot 2021-12-23 at 11-51-33 AM-png
  5. As the Draft Order gets updated in Shopify it will move through the pipeline until it reaches the processed stage. Once it is completed, (processed) Draft Order Sync will automatically convert it to an actual Deal in HubSpot, assigning a regular ID to it. 
    1. Draft Order properties however, will remain in the deal record. This allows you to filter any Draft Order at any moment in their lifecycle while seeing the complete order history for a customer including their Draft Orders.

Draft Orders should not be updated in HubSpot as changes will not be reflected in Shopify.