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Prevent Spam Contacts from Syncing to HubSpot

Spam contacts are created in your store and this article talks about how to prevent them in your store so that Unific doesn't sync them

The most common reason for spam contacts being created in your store is due to spambots

Spambots usually target unprotected forms on your website such as newsletter signups, contact forms, and account registration screens.

The easiest and most common way to prevent this is to protect every form on your website with a CAPTCHA.

If you are using HubSpot forms on your website, you can configure forms to use CAPTCHA. Here's a HubSpot Knowledge base article on this:

Since the job of Unific is to sync data from your shopping cart into HubSpot, spam contacts created in your store will be synced to HubSpot. The solution is to stop the spam submissions at the root. This is most commonly your website.

Can Unific detect and exclude spam contacts or orders?

Today, Unific cannot determine if the contacts are spam or not. In most cases, the best way to address this is in your shopping cart where you have the most control.

You may add CAPTCHA to places where spam bots or spammers can target your store. There are various ways to accomplish this without CAPTCHA as well.

In most cases, Unific's support team cannot advise with specifics about your store since we do not control the store and have limited information about its configuration, theme, and setup.

If we do detect a pattern or you report a spam contact, we can add settings to ignore specific contacts.