Magento 2

Multi-Shipping Orders Support For Magento 2

Unific supports the default multi-shipping checkout process of the Magento 2 stores

So what is multi-shipping? With the default multi-shipping Magento 2 functionality, customers can checkout with their multiple products and ship them to more than one address.

Please note, in Magento, the multi-shipping process is only allowed for the registered customers.

For more details check the Magento knowledge base

 Here, the same checkout process creates multiple orders per shipping address when the customer checkout is done with multi-shipping functionality. And each order is created as a separate deal in HubSpot.

Below is the pictorial explanation of the same.


The setting is enabled by default but can be changed from the store admin section.
The Magento store admin will have to navigate to:

Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Multishipping Settings


The support for accepting and processing multi-shipping orders is added in the Unific Connector version 1.4.18 and above.

How the Custom Journey looks:

1. Customer adds the products to the cart.

2. Clicks on the cart icon and select "View and Edit Cart"


3. It takes the customer to the Checkout Cart page. Here click the "Checkout Out with Multiple Addresses" link (Customer has to be logged in to use this feature).


4. On the next page, customers can select a new address for each of the products in the cart, where they intend to deliver the product.



5) On the next page, select the Shipping Method of each of the products in the cart, just as the customer would for regular order.


6. On the next step just Review and Place an Order.

7. After completing all the steps, this is the final confirmation that the customer would see. It has created 3 separate orders for the 3 products that were in the cart, as 3 different shipping addresses were selected for each item.