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Magento FAQ: Magento Store Hierarchy in HubSpot

How Unific replicates the store Hierarchy in HubSpot

What is Magento's Store Hierarchy?

Magento is an amazingly customizable platform that allows retailers to create multiple stores within the same Magento instance.

Magento FAQ: How Unific syncs this data into HubSpot

Unific syncs this data into the following 3 properties on each of the Contact object and Deal objects (abandoned carts and orders)

  • Magento Website - Unific

  • Magento Storeview - Unific

  • Magento Store - Unific

If you have a Magento store, you may already have these properties pre-mapped.

Older customers may not already have these pre-mapped. To request these properties to be mapped into your store, please submit a ticket.