Installing Quotific for Shopify Draft Order Management in HubSpot

Steps that need to be taken before you can start using Quotific - Shopify Draft Order Management App


Table of  Contents:

If you already have a Unific account:

  • Log in to your Unific account
  • On the left menu, you should see a link to Quotific
  • Click the link to see the next steps to enable Quotific

If you do not have a Unific account:

  • You can sign up for Quotific here.
  • The onboarding of Quotific should let you connect Shopify and HubSpot
  • Visit HubSpot and open any contact or deal
  • On the contact or deal, on the rightmost pane, you will see a card for Unific
  • On that card, there will be an "Actions" link
  • Click that link and the "Create Draft Order" button should show
  • Click that button to see the Quotific draft order creation page.

If you need assistance or have any questions at any point during the process, you can submit a ticket here.