How to: Use Custom Hubspot Deal Stages with Unific

Custom deal stages for the Ecommerce Pipeline are not technically supported by Unific due to Hubspot's Ecommerce Bridge API. This article discusses a possible workaround using HubSpot's workflow feature.

Step 1: Create a new pipeline with all your desired deal stages.

Step 2: Create a deal based workflow that will pick up all deals that land in the Ecommerce Pipeline and based on the conditions you set route the deal into your desired custom deal stages in the new pipeline you created. For example, you can make a workflow that watches for the "Order Status" deal property that Unific syncs to HubSpot. Whenever that property changes, change the deal stage property to the desired custom deal stage in your new pipeline.

Step 3: Publish workflow and allow deals to re-enroll in this workflow automatically.
Step 4: Be aware that all deals that Unific creates will initially land in the Ecommerce pipeline before your workflow picks them up and moves them to the separate pipeline at the desired stage.

Since this is not part of our product Unific will not be responsible for any issues caused by this workflow and you will need to refer to Hubspot support with any issues setting up workflows in your portal.