Create Custom App for Shopify

To connect Shopify Sync by Unific, you need to create a custom Shopify app

Follow these instructions to create a custom app: 

  1. Log into your Shopify Admin
  2. Click Apps on the left menu
  3. On the dropdown, click 'Apps and sales channel settings'
  4. Near the bottom of the next screen, click 'Develop apps for your store'

  5. Next, click the “Create an app” button

  6. Enter the name of “Unific Sync” for the custom app

  7. Open the newly created app by clicking on it’s name

  8. Next, click 'Configure Admin API Scopes'

  9. Select the scopes shown below.

  10. Click save after scopes are selected.

  11. Next, go to the API Credentials tab on the app details page
  12. Click "Install" next to Admin API access token
  13. Please send us the Admin API access token, API Key and API Secret Ke by copying the credentials and submitting this form. 

Scopes to select:

- read_products
- read_customers / write_customers
- read_orders
- read_fulfillments
- read_shipping
- read_analytics
- read_checkouts
- read_marketing_events, write_marketing_events
- read_script_tags, write_script_tags
- read_draft_orders, write_draft_orders