Dynamic Segments

BigCommerce Dynamic Segments for HubSpot

Automatically generate segments from your BigCommerce transaction data

Table of Contents

  1. How to get BigCommerce Dynamic Segments for HubSpot
  2. Subscription plans
  3. How it works
  4. List of segments
  5. Dynamic updates

How to get BigCommerce Dynamic Segments for HubSpot

If you don't have a Unific account:

  1. Create a new account using this link: Signup for BigCommerce Dynamic Segments for HubSpot
  2. This link will prompt you to connect BigCommerce and HubSpot

If you already have a Unific account:

  1. Log in to your Unific account
  2. Then visit this link: Dynamic Segments

After connection setup:

  1. Dynamic Segments app will create a property in HubSpot called "Dynamic Segment - Unific".
  2. Dynamic Segments app will then sync the segment into HubSpot contact property "Dynamic Segment - Unific".

Subscription plans

Free Plan

The free plan will only create segments for customers who place an order after the Dynamic Segments app was enabled

Dynamic Segments Growth Plan (paid plan)

The paid plan will calculate segments for the entire customer base. This is much more accurate and will take into account the purchase history of all customers

How it works

  • BigCommerce Dynamic Segments downloads all of your store's order history
  • For every customer, Dynamic Segments finds every transaction and uses data about the customer's most recent purchase, how often they purchase and how much they spend per purchase to determine which segment they belong to.
  • Unific then updates every customer and uploads which segment they belong to as a HubSpot contact property

List of segments

These are the possible segments the customers can belong to:

  1. Lost Customer
  2. New Customer
  3. Promising
  4. Loyalist
  5. Big Spender
  6. Champion

Dynamic updates

As customers buy more, or don't buy more from you, their segment will be re-calculated and uploaded into HubSpot automatically. So you never have to worry about keeping segments up to date.