Abandoned Cart in BigCommerce

The caveats of the abandoned cart process for deals in the BigCommerce Cart

  1. Abandoned cart URL feature:
    • BigCommerce's abandoned cart feature isn't open for app developers via their API, so Unific regenerates an identical cart and requests a redirect URL from BigCommerce.
    • This redirect URL can only be used once by the customer. After this, the URL becomes invalid.
    • For example: let's say a customer of yours received an email from one your marketing workflows containing an abandoned cart URL. If they clicked on the link and opened the cart, the customer will find the abandoned products in their cart. However, if the customer clicks the URL a second time, they would be redirected to your store and no products will be added to their cart.
  2. Billing address not synced:
    • Since Unific does not receive webhooks when the customer fills in the billing information during checkout, the billing address of the customer is not synced to the contact record in HubSpot.