Advanced Order Detection v2.1

This workflow is important to a business because it is meant to trigger every time an order is placed.  Every time a successful order is paid in your shopping cart, this workflow will run and it basically serves as trigger point to other various valuable workflows and can also be used as a end goal to other custom workflows you may have set up.


Unific syncs and updates certain data points such as "Total Number of Orders" and the "Last Order Status" property when we receive order/create or order/update webhooks from your shopping cart.  Once these properties have been updated from your shopping cart,  Unific wil add the customer will to the Smart List we have provided you as part of your subscription titled "Last Order Status is Paid" (see the list below for the default paid order statuses by shopping cart). 

(Shopify = paid, Magento = Processing, BigCommerce = Awaiting Fulfillment, WooCommerce = completed):

*** To see a full list of the Smart Lists that are provided to you as part of your subscription, please see the section on Smart Lists .

The 15 minute delay window creates an active window to detect when someone makes a purchase and so we can monitor their actions. This acts as a stopgap for any workflows where a customer has converted so they can they be removed if necessary.

***It is critical that you do not alter the enrollment/re-enrollment or unenrollment triggers in this workflow.