What properties does Unific sync differently through HubSpot Ecom Bridge vs Revenue Conduit?

13 fields previously used in Revenue Conduit are now using different field types and are being synced as new fields.


  1. HubSpot Ecom Bridge does not accept the following field types: Dropdown Select or Multiple Checkboxes
  2. HubSpot platform has a hard limit of 1000 options on Multiple Checkboxes fields
  3. It was determined that "Current Abandoned Cart" property is better used as "True/False" instead of "Yes/No"

Fields Affected:

  • Categories Bought => Categories Bought (multi-line text field)
  • Products Bought' => Products Bought (multi-line text field)
  • Product Types Bought' => Product Types Bought (multi-line text field)
  • SKUs Bought => SKUs Bought (multi-line text field)
  • Vendors Bought' => Vendors Bought (multi-line text field)
  • Coupon Codes Used' => Coupon Codes Used (multi-line text field)
  • Last Categories Bought' => Last Categories Bought (multi-line text field)
  • Last Products Bought' => Last Products Bought (multi-line text field)
  • Last Product Types Bought' => Last Product Types Bought (multi-line text field)
  • Last SKUs Bought' => Last SKUs Bought (multi-line text field)
  • Last Vendors Bought' => Last Vendors Bought (multi-line text field)
  • Abandoned Cart Products => Abandoned Cart Products(multi-line text field)
  • Abandoned Cart Categories => Abandoned Cart Products(multi-line text field)
  • Current Abandoned Cart: Yes, No => Current Abandoned Cart: True, False

Product Solution:

All above fields have been converted to "Multi-Line Text" field types. If you were previously a Revenue Conduit subscriber, the fields have been remapped from the "Multiple Checkboxes" to the "Multi-line Text" equivalent.

Current Abandoned Cart has been remapped to sync a True/False status.

Actions Needed by Merchants:

All automations (including abandoned carts and and smart lists that use the deprecated fields as criteria in the triggers need to be updated.

At first you will need to add another set of criteria to your smart lists and workflows with "Or". That criteria will need a "Contains" your searchable product rather than "Is" for dropdowns.

Example: Last Products Bought (Multi-Line Text) contains Product X